Cleaning Concepts by Crystal

The best compliment you can give me is the referral of your friends and family!

I'm happy to see you found yourself seeking our services, we promise you wont be disappointed! Although there is no obligation for signing of contract to conduct business with us, we do have a few common curtesy rules and fees.
As a self employed mother of 4 it is very frustrating when my little ones fall ill, so I do my best to situate them to avoid cancellations if possible. A few situations I've learned to handle over the years are as follows:
**If you or anyone is home sick on your cleaning day, please, please cancel!  I would much rather try to reschedule you then to risk getting myself and/or my own family sick. (its a domino affect when I get sick I then will need to cancel any other clients lined up as to not pass it along, which inevitably means loss of income)
**If you choose to not hand out a key to your home (which is perfectly OK!) please make sure your home is unlocked for us on your cleaning day. Nothing is more frustrating then driving out of town or even in town to find the house is locked and no key is left. Lock out fee of $30 will be applied for each occurrence.
**If you need any extra special cleaning Please let us know in advance if it is to exceed your allocated cleaning time and please pay accordingly or if you'd rather us skip a certain task to tackle your priority list for your time frame that's perfectly fine, too!
**During the winter months please notify me of the road conditions to your home (is it plowed? will I be safe? should I some out later in the day?) How about those steps/sidewalks/driveways to your home? are they shoveled? will I slip and fall? if so please don't let myself or employees hurt ourselves getting into your home, LOL, if you'd like help with those shoveling tasks we'd be more then happy to help just let us know ahead of time (a tip would be nice) 
**Around the Holidays: now this one has become important to me as having a bigger family now (6 of us) We would love to help you prepare your home for the holidays but the week of major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas there will no longer be services those weeks. But the week prior we can squeeze everyone in if your cleaning falls on that week. And during the summer time I myself will take 2-3 weeks off for family vacation time but
I will do my best to have one of the other cleaners cover my personal clients. but will notify you ahead of time when I will be on leave and contact information of the lead crew manager for that time.  
Thank you and hope you understand. We look forward to doing business with you!